Big Hearted Businesses

This page celebrates businesses big & small who have helped TLC through their financial support, gifts of material or services. Unlike our corporate sponsors who staff entire labs, these fine companies contribute more passively. Most of these companies give quietly without fanfare supporting many worthwhile causes. TLC feels you should know how much they have helped us help kids everywhere. Thank you is an inadequate word to express our appreciation. Perhaps you would consider dropping them a line or posting a social media note thanking them in your own words? We can all contribute something and even a simple thank you is a big deal.

If you are looking to create, update or improve your current marketing strategy, I highly suggest you contact Kumar and his team. As I said in the video montage, Kumar helped make my dream come true and he’ll do the same for you. Teaming with Kumar may be the best business decision you will ever make. It certainly was and continues to be true for our organization. Please consider contacting me directly so I can share more about Kumar’s work ethic and humanity.


+91 20 4930 6309


I have known the Semcers for over 25 years. I have spent entire days touring Micro’s plants with Frank Sr. and have seen the precision work they do. If you or a loved one has ever undergone delectate surgery, it is likely that Micro’s instruments were in the hands of a skilled surgeon saving lives. TLC can always count on Micro for financial help. Micro is doing far more than manufacturing solutions for today. It knows we need a skilled workforce for the future success of our country. Thanks to Micro, thousands of children are able to participate in free hands-on science labs each year. Jim Phillips

MICRO Global Headquarters:

140 Belmont Drive Somerset, NJ 08873
Phone 732 302 0800
Fax 732 302 0436


When TLC travels to gain the support of a big corporation, it often requires air travel to meet with the company’s CEO. Our delicate instruments must be carefully packed and shipped in advance. So I wrote Liz Uihlein asking for help. Five days after receiving our request a big truck showed up at our door. Liz and Dick Uihlein donated over $3,000 in materials to help us. Uline plays an important role in helping TLC offer free hands-on science labs to children. Big hugs to Dick & Liz from all the kids you have helped. Jim Phillips

Uline, Inc.

12575 Uline Drive Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

Would you consider helping TLC and allowing us to thank you on this page?