Why Electricity?

Electricity is a young science and it is also the science of the young. From toddler to teenager, young people thrive on technology. Walk into any Best Buy or Apple store and see for yourself. The shelves are stockpiled with some of the coolest electronic gadgets on the planet. Given the opportunity, young people jump at the chance to learn the secret inner workings of technology and especially when presented in a way that is "hands-on" and fun.


Young people should have a fundamental understanding of energy and how it can be captured cleanly and distributed as electricity.

From toddler to teenager, young people thrive on technology. It's easy to see why Professor Know-How's Lab is so appealing to kids.

The natural disasters in Japan and the subsequent damage to its nuclear power facility demand that we have a better understanding of energy.

Electricity is the vehicle used to distribute and transform the energy that powers our modern world. Everything is electric. A fundamental understanding of electricity is especially critical if we are to discover new ways to both harness and conserve electrical energy.

The TLC program we offer is a window of opportunity and provides an experience that students aren't likely to have unless they take physics later in high school. Even then, electricity is but one chapter of a course that only a handful of students are likely to take.

A Goal Worth Achieving

America once made the bold commitment to land a man on the moon and safely return him to earth. While achieving this goal, America also made science education a priority in our schools. Education and knowledge may indeed be what is necessary for America to commit itself to the equally ambitious goal of energy independence. Building an infrastructure to store the energy produced by pollution free renewable resources will be expensive, but modest by comparison to the Interstate Highway System, a project that has served us well for over 50 years and one that we reap benefits from every day. This new goal will immediately produce jobs here in America and ultimately free us from the economic stranglehold of pollution producing fossil fuels.

Young people, and more importantly, their decisions to pursue careers in science and technology, will make achieving this goal an American reality.

Growing Geniuses

Making Science Fun