Founding Patrons

Among TLC’s Legacy Partners is a very special group of patrons who provided the initial seed money to help TLC get off the ground. They are TLC’s Founding Patrons. Without the vision of our Founding Patrons, the Technology Learning Center could never have materialized. It takes a very special person to be the first money in. To those who demonstrated this special generosity and shared TLC’s vision, please know that TLC is as much your dream coming true, as it is ours. You will always have our deepest gratitude and a special place in our hearts, and on this website. Helping TLC reach its start-up goal of raising $500,000, those patrons who gave $5,000 or more are listed below. Their names are listed by the order in which their gifts were received. Names appearing multiple times reflect additional gifts. Patrons who wish to remain anonymous are listed as such.

Frank & Mary Jane Semcer Far Hills, NJ

Peter & Gail Furniss Newnan, GA

Frank & Sally Hanna Atlanta, GA

Bud & Barbara Mohrman Wellington, OH

Bill & Judy Vogel Atlanta, GA

Jan & Gene Burleson Atlanta, GA

Anonymous Atlanta, GA