Corporate Sponsorship

Giving Back

Corporate sponsorship provides a simple and efficient way for companies to give back to their communities. Rather than developing and administering their own programs, participating Legacy Partners have the Technology Learning Center represent them in the schools. Made possible by the generous support of your organization, the materials used in promoting the local program clearly recognize your company’s ongoing contribution to education and to the community. Proudly displaying your company’s logo on his/her lab coat, the volunteer portraying Professor Know-How will introduce themselves by speaking about how your company uses technology to provide services or to create specific products. Reminiscent of the highly educational and entertaining programs presented by NASA and Bell Labs in the 60’s, the Technology Learning Center provides the perfect vehicle for businesses of every size to give back to their communities.


The companies listed on this page have outstanding reputations for giving back to their communities. We use their logos for purely editorial purposes to help illustrate corporate philanthropy.