Directors & Senior Staff

Those who have been asked and graciously accepted a position as a Board member of the Technology Learning Center represents a diverse group of men and women of the highest integrity. Each Board member is committed to TLC’s mission and purpose. Every Director/Advisor brings to the Board the wisdom and leadership gained by being captains of their industry and masters of their vocations. Unselfishly, they share their time, passion and energy for a higher cause.

  •   Jim Phillips (conception/implementation)

  •   Chris Eddy (electrical engineering and product development)

  •   Ron Tyrpin (advisor to the board)

  •   Forrest "Bud" Mohrman (manufacturing)
  •   Kim Shoemaker (parent/educator)

  •   James Vaughn (Elementary Science Teacher)

  •   Brian Mohrman (industrial engineering)


Senior Staff