Legacy Partners

Legacy Partners play an essential role in making the Technology Learning Center possible. Legacy Partners are those whose gifts of money, services, materials, and/or property exceed $100,000 in any five year period. Legacy Partners do far more than just contribute financially; they take an active role in helping us connect with other potential partners. Many work directly with our organization on fundraising events. Some even work directly with the kids as classroom presenters in the Professor Know-How Lab program. While some might describe these very special contributors as those with deep pockets, we see our partners as those possessing exceptionally big hearts, with a sincere desire to leave their mark in the world making it better for generations to come.

Legacy Partners who choose to underwrite entire programs can select specific schools and have the facility named in recognition of their contribution. We encourage our Legacy Partners to include lower performing and financially struggling sister schools when making their selections.

BequestsMany of our patrons have included the Technology Learning Center in their bequests. These gifts, often stocks and other investments, provide a legacy of support. Charitable Remainder Trusts are just one way to ensure the wise stewardship of gifts and the continued financial security of TLC.

Philanthropy etymologically means "the love of humanity". It is about a sense of caring for those we may never know personally and comes from a profound wisdom that amassing material wealth can fuel organizations like Technology Learning Center that serve a greater purpose. Philanthropists possess an innate desire to use their resources to make the world a better place. In giving, they understand the empirical law of reciprocity and the real joy that life's labor can bring.

Our Legacy Partners are recognized on the "Our Supporters" and "Founding Patrons" pages that follow.