Meet The Cartoon Kids



Like most 10 year old boys, Tyler is into sports. This year, soccer is his favorite. Tyler says that he likes school, but has difficulty sometimes with math and reading.

He also likes science, but wishes there were more experiments to do instead of just reading about things in books. When he heard from his friends about Professor Know-How's Lab and how much fun it was, he couldn't wait to sign up.

The Professor and Tyler hit it off from the very start. Tyler's wide eyes were filled with wonder when he first entered the lab and saw all the equipment. He seemed to like the one-on-one attention he received as he and the Professor performed the various experiments.

With the knowledge and confidence he has gained, Tyler spends a lot of time looking things up about science on the Internet.He has already come up with a few ideas of his own for inventions. Math has also gotten easier for him because he now sees why math is so important.