Safety of is our highest priorityElectrical Safety

Although several of the experiments we conduct involve high voltages, the currents are sufficiently low enough not to pose a shock or safety hazard. Each lesson is carefully rehearsed and every piece of equipment we use is evaluated for safety prior to use in the classroom. Every experiment is conducted under the direct supervision of a trained adult.

Lessons include discussion of what can make electricity dangerous and how to be safe when using it in everyday life.

The Professor's Assistants

Professor Know-How is always accompanied by an adult assistant. This ensures that there will always be two adults present in every session. Assistants can be a parent, a college student who is a recipient of a TLC scholarship or an ordinary citizen who wants to give something back to their community by volunteering. Assistants can also be a school staff or faculty member who wishes to participate during their schedule breaks. Assistants perform a multitude of tasks and play an essential role in preparing the lab before and in between sessions. They also assist the students in conducting the various experiments and, in doing so, provide an additional level of safety. If you haven't taught in a classroom before, volunteering as an assistant is a great way to gain the confidence and experience to become a future Professor Know-How.

Protecting Our Kids

One only needs to read the headlines to appreciate the necessity and seriousness of this subject. We want every parent, school administrator, and patron to know the policies and procedures TLC employs to ensure the safety of our kids.

Every Technology Learning Center classroom volunteer is carefully screened. Our extensive vetting process includes finger printing, FBI and statewide criminal background checks, registered sex offenders database checks, substance abuse issues, past work performance and credential verification.

Our social media pages and blogs are moderated and supervised to protect children from inappropriate content.

Our screening procedures equal, and in most cases exceed, those mandated by state and federal law for teachers. Our diligence doesn't end with an investigation. Every volunteer is required to adhere to strict guidelines limiting their contact with students outside sponsored group activities. Volunteers are monitored to ensure their compliance with TLC program guidelines and school policies. These guidelines are articulated in our lab permission form so that both the student and parent understand the safety rules.

The Technology Learning Center maintains professional public liability insurance for all its employees and volunteers.



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