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Educating children at home is an increasingly popular alternative to compulsory education. Home educators often join co-ops so that their children can benefit from the activities afforded by a traditional school experience. Science education requires the expertise of a science teacher, specialized equipment and lab facilities.

These resources can sometimes be difficult for home educators to muster. Making Professor Know-How's Lab available to kids wherever and however they may be schooled is an important part of our mission. In our agreements with the schools, we include provisions so that students who are home educated can be fully accommodated. After school sessions make it possible for everyone in a community to participate. Although not every school may offer the accommodation, TLC makes sure that there are enough classes available and that they are geographically located in such a way to minimize travel.

If you are a parent who educates their child at home, please let us know of your child's interest in participating and help us spread the word about this exciting community resource to your co-ops and networks. Also, please consider a volunteer position with our organization. Your financial support is also greatly appreciated.