Thank You TLC

Scholarships and Grants

Revisiting our mission statement, our overall purpose is to make America's educational system the epicenter of achievement in the areas of math and science. In furtherance of that goal, TLC offers grants and scholarships to students to help fund their college educations. The program is available to those students who wish to pursue careers in any area of science, technology and education. Students who are especially interested in becoming science teachers are prime candidates for our programs. Among the many factors considered in making an award is a student's desire to help others by giving back to their communities. Participating in TLC's Summer Science camps as one of the Professor's assistants is an activity that weighs heavily in our selection process. We want our recipients to fully appreciate the generosity of those who gave their time, talents, and financial resources to make the entire TLC program possible.

Some Patrons choose to honor a loved one by establishing a recurring scholarship gift in their name. Please contact us for more information about how you can establish a legacy gift to help fund the college education of an aspiring scientist or teacher.


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