Our Totally "HANDS-ON" Method

Exploring Fiber Optics & Lasers

Professor Know-How's Lab is presented in Montessori fashion. The teaching method we employ is highly interactive and hands-on. Through discovery and experimentation, abstract concepts are learned in an effortless, spontaneous manner. Ideally suited for a mix of young people from the 6th, 7th & 8th grades, our lessons are carefully choreographed to spark young imaginations as they socially interact with each other. Our innovative approach to learning supports a wide range of cognitive learning styles. Highly visual and auditory, our technology series is presented in a manner that sidesteps formulas and complicated mathematics. It is also very easy for those whose primary language is other than English to participate and comprehend.

magnetic brakes

A basic tenet of our instruction method is to employ the same basic building blocks throughout all of the experiments. This helps reinforce the underlying concepts in various ways using the same familiar devices. Many of the teaching tools we use were specifically created by the Professor to easily unravel and visually explain abstract concepts.

Growing Geniuses

Why Electricity?